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Obama—A "giant" among men?
The ABC Chicago Affiliate’s October 2004 broadcast of the Obama-Keyes debates shows Obama openly admitting that he was not a natural born citizen. (C-Span aired the uncut version of the debates in the second half of April 2005.) In this debate, Keyes faulted Obama for not being a “natural born citizen.” Obama replied, “So what? I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.”

May I insult everyone's intelligence by unnecessarily pointing out that Obama isn't really this tall? The media have made the illusion of great physical stature for Obama on several occasions. They'll probably try to convince us that his IQ is above 160, too. Why they're doing it is rather obvious: they want to train White people to look up to the Black man. But whom do they think they're fooling? Blacks in general turn out, in the end, to be incompetent bunglers, however much they were talked up by their publicity managers and election campaigns. This particular Black is a foreign national pretending to have US citizenship so that he can seem to be a legal US president, instead of the Usurper he really is. And he's a malicious commie bungler on top of that. Because of the US Armed Forces' slackness in upholding our Constitution, the enemies of our country have infiltrated all the way into the office of President of the United States. One wonders if the flag officers on the Joint Chiefs of Staff are traitors, or merely amazingly stupid.

I have learned a few things about Obama's grandfather.
Onyango Obama spent several years in prison because of his activities as a member of the Kikuyu Central Association (KCA), a terrorist group that attempted to drive the British settlers from Kenya by violence. Many members of the Association became leaders of the Mau Mau Movement, which committed murder and other violence throughout Kenya in the 1950s. Initiation in the KCA involved an oath to exterminate all white people in Kenya. The oath was solemnized with animal sacrifice and the drinking of blood in a ritual that also included cannibalism, bestiality with goats and other animals, and sexual orgies. From such roots does Obama spring.

Remind me to reject the Nobel Peace Prize if it should ever be offered to me. It was awarded to Obama on some flimsy pretext regarding a nuclear arms reduction initiative, as if there never was any such initiative before, as if this one were an original idea of his. The cash might be spendable, but as an honor the Nobel Peace Prize is worthless.

Jerry Abbott

American Thinker, 19 April 2012: The Sea Change: Obama's Confirmed Forgeries Are Not Going Away.

Part 2. Conspiracy Theories in Nutshells.

Which do you think are false, and why?

1. Jews control the media and attempt to mold or guide popular thinking with slanted headlines, misleading titles, and skewed articles in newspapers and magazines, and with biased commentary via radio and television. Jews also control Hollywood and use movies to implant attitude- and behavior-modifying suggestions into the minds of movie patrons.

2. Jews (mostly) originated the Federal Reserve System, a private corporation that functions as a central bank for the United States, and, with it, are engaged in a long-running campaign to steal the value of Americans' productive labor in a manner that has been declared by the US government to be technically legal.

3. Israel and its partisans in the United States control US foreign policy and have significant and improper influence over US domestic policies. The behavior micromanagement legislation we call "civil rights laws" are a prime example.

4. Zionist Jews within the governments of the United States, the UK, Canada, Australia, and European countries, are the major reason for large-scale non-White immigration into White countries. Zionist Jews likewise destroyed Rhodesia and brought ruin to formerly White South Africa by this means.

5. The demolition of the World Trade Center towers on 11 September 2001 was largely an inside job, planned by Israelis and carried out in cooperation with the US government.

6. Anti-White racists—Jews, leftists, Blacks, etc.—are almost exclusively in charge of deciding officially what racism is, and what it is not, with the result that racism against Whites is permitted, whereas racism by Whites is not. This "political correctness" is so heavily biased against Whites that any call for White people to stand together, to protect themselves and each other, to support their race, is declared to be racist, even when there is no suggestion that other races are not entitled to do likewise.

7. Jews are heavily involved—much more so per capita than any other group—in illegal drug trafficking, illegal human organ trafficking, money laundering, sex slavery, and child pornography. Their talent for social chameleony makes it difficult for gentiles to identify which Jews are most involved in such trades. One of them could be your school teacher, an official Israeli diplomat, a judge, a doctor, a charity worker, or a member in good standing in your local tennis club. He would seem to be a very nice person, a pillar of the community, a right charming and sociable fellow, if you met him by day. It is easy to understand why someone might regard many Jews as "a drop of poison in a cube of sugar."

8. Rachel Corrie (at age 23) was murdered on 16 March 2003 on the orders of Ariel Sharon, who wanted to demonstrate to British and American liberals what will happen to them if they stand in the Jews' way in Palestine, and, possibly, to get for Israel its annual Purim (18 March 2003) sacrificial young White woman.

9. One of the principal reasons for the disappearance of White children, especially during late March or early April (shortly before the Jewish Passover festival) might be abduction and ritual murder by Jews.

Does anyone have suggestions for additional conspiracy theories that should be listed above?

Jerry Abbott

"The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you."
From the VNN postscript of Bassanio.

Part 3. Another deleted post from Yahoo Answers.

The Question: Is Hollywood trying to tell us something with the film, The Knowing? Or is it coincidence that Nibiru is a rogue planet next to the sun, supposedly heading this way?

My answer was:
Marlon Brando once said, "Hollywood is run by Jews!" It's true. It has been true for a long time. And ever since Jews took over Hollywood, they have made it their business to make movie-watchers confuse fantasy with reality. At first, the fantasies were outrageous, science fiction ideas that most people knew were just for fun. Then the Jews started making political, historical fantasies and getting people to really believe that they were true. And it worked. Mostly.

ADL chairman Abraham Foxman doesn't want you to say certain true things, such as "The Jews run Hollywood." If you tell such truths, Abe will call you an antisemite. And if Abe calls you an antisemite, at least a thousand other Jews will take up the chorus line and repeat it over and over and over... until you're fired from your job and denounced by the leaders in your community. Telling the truth about Jews could lead to your being attacked on the street and could make you homeless.

Abe Foxman probably doesn't want you to say anything at all about Jews, but, if you must mention Jews in Hollywood, you must say that "some" of the men in the film industry "happen to be Jewish." Yeah, as in ALL EIGHT of the major movie production companies in Hollywood are run by men who "happen to be Jewish" and NO major movie production companies in Hollywood are run by anyone who does NOT "happen to be Jewish." You are not supposed to comment on the probability that this happened by coincidence.

You are also not supposed to engage in a factual debate with anyone who points out what I just did. Instead, you are supposed to join with the Jews in their customary denunciations. Whether you know it or not, if you are a TV watcher then you have been strongly conditioned to turn off your rational faculty when this particular subject makes an appearance, and start slinging condemnation. You can't (accurately) tell an antisemite "How WRONG you are," but you will feel compelled to say "How RUDE you are!" Do you appreciate the significance of the difference in meaning?

The following quote is from the ADL's own website, with comments added by me [in brackets].

New York, NY, April 8, 1996...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today called actor Marlon Brando's remarks about Jews in Hollywood "outrageous and offensive" [but true, nevertheless]. Reacting to Marlon Brando's comments on "Larry King Live," on Friday, April 5, that Jews run Hollywood [they do] and exploit stereotypes of minorities [they have], but never of Jews [correct], Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement: "It was shocking to hear Marlon Brando, the acclaimed actor and champion of civil rights, invoke the anti-Semitic canard that 'Hollywood is run by Jews, it is owned by Jews...' " [Context here might persuade someone that "canard" is Yiddish for "fact."]

Television is the same way, and always has been, both in the United States and in the UK.

How is it that I know these things? I don't own a TV or go to movies, so my experience comes from real life. If you do without your brainwashing media devices, then eventually you, too, will refamiliarize yourself with the real world.

Yahoo Answers staff deleted my answer within a few minutes. See more of my Yahoo Answers at The White Realist.

You know, if Abraham Foxman was a smarter Jew, he'd realize he can't damage control the exposure of the Jewish domination of the film industry. It's too out-in-the-open for even the ADL to lie away. Jews have written books bragging about how the Jews run Hollywood, and there's even a Jew who has criticized Foxman's hopeless deception crusade in the same way that I'm doing now. Hey, Abe—fuggetaboutit, all right? Time to go to Plan B. Minimize the significance of Jews owning Hollywood. Tell us all about how the Jews just want to make money and would never, ever think of using the film industry for spreading goyim-herding propaganda.

Jerry Abbott

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conspiracy theories

Were you Jerry's Aryan Battle Page?If so you had a great writing about "muticuluralism in ancient Egypt as the hykos under joseph the jew took over and enslaved the Egyptians...i hope you might reprint some of your older writings....

Here is a reprint of the page you referred to, Part 1.

Abraham entered Egypt around 1800 BC and subsequently may have conveyed information of military value to the (Semitic) Hyskos, who invaded and conquered Egypt from 1750-1675 BC. The Hyskos established a parasitical rule of political and economic oppression (a kind of ancient Soviet Union), which prompted the Egyptians to rebel. There was a bloody war, culminating in a siege of the Hyskos stronghold of Avaris in 1550 BC. The warring parties negotiated a settlement in which the Hyskos would be permitted to leave peaceably. This agreement was a mistake on Egypt's part. They should have continued the seige until the Semites starved. Had they done so, history would have taken a different, and probably a much better course through the next 3500 years. If we Aryans should someday be in the same situation, let us not repeat the error.

However, not all of them left. Some Hyskos remained secretly and mingled with the Egyptians. These stay-behinds became the Hebrews. One of them, Joseph, wormed his way into the confidence of the Pharaoh and was given the authority of a Viceroy. Using this authority, Joseph levied grain taxes that left the state warehouses full and left the Egyptian people with no local grain reserves. The agricultural practice of the time was to use the grain saved in good years to feed the people in poor ones. That practice, however, was predicated on the assumption that the grain would be doled out to the nation in order to provide for its continued well-being.

However, with a "Jew" holding the keys to the government's warehouses, this assumption completely broke down. Joseph used the poor years to create a famine, which inflated grain prices, which obliged the Egyptians to sell all their property in order to buy food to eat, and, when they had no more property left to sell, to sell themselves into slavery. It was the first time in history (so far as is known) that the Jews spoiled a White country through the application of economic exploitation. They have used this same pattern again and again under one ideological disguise or another, even unto this day.

Let's think about how this trick is done. From where came the power of Joseph to impose taxes? It came from his authority to use the Pharaoh's soldiers. And, since soldiers must eat, the power of the military really originated in the labor of the Egyptian farmer. At first, the Jews probably put out some sort of propaganda about how a centralized, national system of food reserves was "more efficient," so that the Egyptians would go along with it and not rebel early in the enslavement process, when a rebellion might have succeeded. But once the Jews had the grain, and thus the means to feed the soldiers under Joseph's viceroyal command, the Egyptian people were well and truly captured. They were slaves at that point, whether they knew it or not.

And probably, at first, they didn't know it, other than a few farsighted Egyptians who were, no doubt, dismissed by the rest as "extremists" or "alarmists" or "cranks." But then came the poor harvest, and when the people turned to their national government for a disbursement of the saved grain, they found soldiers standing before the warehouses, and they found Hebrew bureaucrats grinning at them from behind desks.

"Would you have grain?" a bureaucrat might say. "Never fear, we're your government, and we are here to help. The National Food Bank is open for business, and on these tablets you will find our goods listed according to quantity and price."

At that point, long after it was too late to save themselves, most of the Egyptians probably understood that they had been betrayed and robbed by their government. They had grown the grain. The government (through Joseph) had taxed most of it, leaving them with false assurances and barely enough to eat. They had probably believed that the taxed grain, minus what the Pharaoh took for the royal tables, would be returned to them without charge during the years of scarcity, as had been done before. Ah, but now that the Jew had taken over, things were different. Now the Egyptians had to pay to get what they had themselves grown, and the prices were very high!


Reprint of the page you referred to, Part 2.

A priest of ancient Egypt, writing about conditions in his times, remarked on conditions in his country. I will give his statements in paraphrase, with additions by me in parentheses.

"Semites have moved into Egypt. They have seized the harvests, diverted the streams, and drained the fish ponds. The custom of ritual, sanitary burial has been abandoned, and dead bodies are now thrown into the river. Social chaos (multiculturalism) abounds in the land, and the natural aristocratic order has been turned upside down (egalitarianism). Murder happens in broad daylight, and people look the other way (moral degeneracy). The ties of kinship have been weakened so that men no longer love their brothers (cosmopolitianism). Everyone demands to be accepted as they are, saying 'Love me!' (humanism), but everything good in life has disappeared (tragedy of the commons). Property is taken away from its rightful owners and given to others (communism). If someone ventures an unpopular opinion, others reach for sticks and say 'Kill him!' (political correctness). The people become poorer while taxes and bureaucrats increase (liberalism). The better people lose so that the inferior might gain (Affirmative Action)."

Doesn't this sound exactly like the trend in which America has been going? And are we not justified in suspecting that similar conditions may stem from similar causes? Ancient Egypt had a problem with a parasitical foreign invader that dominated the native people for several centuries. So does America: the problem is the Jews. And, incidentally, the food shortages of Germany and Ukraine during the mid-20th century were also contrived by Jews. And in 1971, a Jew named Michael Fribourg created a grain scarcity in the United States that quadrupled the prices of corn and wheat—he schemed with Richard Nixon to subsidize (at American taxpayers' expense) a transfer of a quarter of the US grain harvest to Russia at bargain prices to the Russians.

QUOTE by Willie Martin:
In November of 1971, Michael Fribourg completed a deal with the Soviet Union, through Nickolai Belousou, the Chief of Exportkhelb, the Russian grain-purchasing agency; for 900,000 tons of American surplus barley and oats, 2-million tons of corn, and 282-million bushels of wheat. The total figure was something in excess of 18-million metric tons of grain sold to the Soviet Union. This tremendous sale was financed by a combination of U.S. guaranteed credits and U.S. subsidized prices. So once again the Soviet Union was saved, American farmers and taxpayers had been ripped off again.

Getting control of a people through control of their food supply is a strategy that would occur to any predatory tribe determined to subjugate nations that they invaded with the purpose of turning its people into "cash cows." And historically, the Jews have used that strategy over, and over, and over... and seldom do the gentiles catch on to the trick in time to save themselves. And now, in America, it is happening again.

Incidentally, the Greek Stoics noticed that the Jews would not bow before emperors, wouldn't worship the same gods as everybody else, but they would worship idols of their own making (the Stoics mentioned "the head of an ass" kept in one of their temples) in practices similar to that of the better known Golden Calf. They Stoics also made the Blood Accusation by saying that the Jews sacrificed a man "in a grove" every year, after which they would eat parts of his corpse after swearing on them to hate all gentiles. Apollonius Molo said, "The Jews are the enemies of all mankind... they are the worst of all men." He has been echoed down the centuries by many, many others.

Added on 4 Nov 2009:
"They are all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and The Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race." François-Marie Arouet, a.k.a. VOLTAIRE.

You sometimes hear Jews speaking of Voltaire's "tainted greatness" AS IF THEY WERE QUALIFIED TO BE JUDGES OF THIS MAN!

Re: Reprint of the page you referred to, Part 2.

Thanks so much for the reprint.
I guess the next question is who are the Hyskos people,where do they come from?
Finally are they of the blood of satan or some demon?

Re: Reprint of the page you referred to, Part 2.

No, the Hyskos of ancient times, like the Jews of our times, are hominids who have evolved to fit the niche of parasite. They are an intelligent race who subsist by exploiting the lives of other humans. The nearest fictional comparison is the vampire. But groups like these exist because the niche does: sooner or later, natural evolutionary forces produce something like ticks, or leeches, or cancer-causing viruses, or Jews.

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