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Where Jews are strong, others lose freedom.

Oh, how the special privileges of Jews do pass unacknowledged for being what they are. If a group of gentiles had a holiday like Passover, the Jews would scream "antisemitism" and most other groups would say it was in poor taste to celebrate plagues of disease that afflict only other races or the death of a great many Jewish children while their own were spared. Yet this is what the Jews do during Passover, and Jewish propaganda has convinced everyone else that they need not consider this to be offensive.

[See Part 4, below, for the latest stuff about the Jewish money laundering and kidney selling scandals.]

I happen to disagree with the version of World War 2 history that the Jews usually tell, or have others who are under their influence to tell for them. And I resent the fact that there are countries in which the Jews have arranged for laws that make my opinions illegal to share with anybody else, which makes it unsafe for me to travel abroad lest I be punished with a prison sentence for what I believe the truth is.

I'm an American, and I had no plans to travel anyway, but it's still an outrage to me that this one ethnic group has so arranged the laws of many other countries that I could not safely travel internationally if, for whatever reason, I might want to do so.

And even though I don't actually travel, my words are routinely censored even though they are quite reasonable in thesis and moderate in tone. I don't swear. I don't insult anybody. My posts are censored because the Jews want them censored, and they have far too much influence, and exercise far too much selfish control over public discourse, for anyone else's good.

I recently registered on a web forum called "Politics" You'd think with a name like that there would be a policy of allowing controversial ideas into discussion, no matter whom they offended, and debating them on their merits, on the basis of facts, with the realization that not everything said to be a "fact" is indeed a fact, with the knowledge that sometimes the Galileos are right and the Church is wrong, with the understanding that such a thing as a conspiracy is possible and that conspiracies do sometimes occur, especially when there is illicit money to be made.

Here is the content of my first (and so far only) post to "Politics" I wasn't even finished with my touch-up editing before another poster had responded to assert that I was an asshole and that my post only served to show why threads like this one should not be allowed. My post was deleted within a few hours, and there followed a long series of posts, running on for several pages of the thread, in which Holocaust believers rehashed the propaganda lies and deceptions that revisionists have repeatedly disproved and which they still routinely debunk -- when they can, when they are not in prison for doing it.

W01f wrote: Wait a minute. Maybe Europe is different from Canada, but since when could you be punished by law for merely not liking certain races or ethnicities? Don't you have to actually commit a crime in order for it to be a crime? I don't see this guy hurting anyone, inciting violence or even admitting he doesn't like Jews. The only thing apparent is that he's a quack. There are many quacks in the scientific community who believe crazier things than that.

The Jews watch for people who say things that they don't like, and disagreement with the Holocaust myth is near the top of that list. They nearly own the German government, which is why the laws in Germany give more preferential treatment to Jewish interests than any other government except Israel.

England, however, is not a free speech country either, where the Jews are concerned. An Englishman is on the run from his own government now because he's wanted for the crime of telling the truth. His name is Luke O'Farrell, and his website is

The Jews in England have pressured the British government to put Mr. O'Farrell into prison for writing what he has written on that website, and, so far as I can see, there are no false statements anywhere in any of his columns.

The persecution of dissenters to Jewish propaganda is international. It's going on in Germany, in England, in Canada, in Australia, and in the United States.

A Canadian named Ernst Zundel was arrested illegally by agents of the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) at his wife's home in Tennessee. The INS had scheduled an immigration hearing, about which Zundel was never informed, and, when he failed to attend, they got warrants against him. Zundel was deported, again illegally, to Canada. Canada declared him "a danger to Canada's national security," but did not say why he is so dangerous in that way. (It seems ridiculous on the face of it, and it sounds as if the charge was merely a pretext to keep Zundel in prison.) Zundel was later deported to Germany to stand trial for denying the Holocaust.

(Added comment not in original post: Which, of course, raises the interesting question of why Zundel was believed to be less of a danger to Canada's national security in Germany than he was in either Canada or the United States. I can think of only one way that might be true. If the Jews in Canada have positioned themselves to utterly ruin Canada economically, or in a way that enables them to provoke a war between Canada and some other country, such as the USA, and if the Jews of Canada have intimated that they would cause such mischief unless they got exactly what they wanted from the Canadian government, then the Jews of Canada would be a danger to Canada's national security that Canada simply can't handle, so, instead of forthrightly addressing the Jewish threat, the Canadian government must perforce appease the Jews, giving them what they want, in this case by jailing Ernst Zundel on the flimsiest of pretexts until a deportation to Germany for a "show trial" could be arranged. Zundel's persecution was, in a sense, "office politics" writ large.)

An American named Hans Schmidt was arrested in Germany for publishing a pamphlet in the United States that questioned the Jewish version of World War 2 history.

A British man named David Irving was arrested in Austria for sharing similar doubts in public.

Now, it's Toben. The Jews put the names of the people whom they want punished on a hit list, which is circulated to the governments on which they have influence (by their control of the media and the banks). And whenever any of those people must travel, especially by air, they run a significant chance of being arrested at an airport either before takeoff or upon landing.

Despite myth to the contrary, it is not settled that six million Jews died during World War 2 -- anywhere or in any fashion. The number is more likely nearer 300,000.  Nothing like 4 million Jews died at Auschwitz, as they originally claimed, nor even 1.5 million Jews, as they now claim. The total number dead at Auschwitz during the entire war, Jew and gentile, inmate and guard, is about 70,000 - mostly from an epidemic of typhus that would not have happened if the Allies had not bombed German rail to the east, preventing the Germans from keeping the camps supplied with food, medicine, and rodent control chemicals (which is what Zyklon B really was).

The Nazis did not operate any gas chambers at Auschwitz, nor at Treblinka, nor in any other prison camp, during WW2. They did execute malefactors, and some of these were Jews, but most of the anecdotes you may have heard are false, and most of the pictures you may have seen are miscaptioned, staged, altered, or drawn by someone intent upon bolstering Holohoax propaganda.

A picture taken at Dresden, showing a bulldozer pushing a big pile of dead Germans was miscaptioned as a bulldozer pushing a big pile of dead Jews at Buchenwald. A photo made of "German" soldiers killing Poles in the Katyn Forest was later proved to show Soviet troops, dressed in German uniforms, doing that very thing. A pile of corpses of people dead of typhus was superimposed in the foreground of a line of naked prisoners waiting for their clothes to be returned from delousing (to kill typhus-spreading lice), and that photo was used to "prove" that Jews were being marched into gas chambers while their dead relatives' bodies were piled up just to one side.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the US president during much of the war. He said nothing about any Holocaust of the Jews. Do you suppose it slipped his mind?

The gas chambers are not the original means by which the Nazis were said to have carried out the mass executions of Jews. Other  methods for killing were circulated earlier as trial balloons. One of them? An electric floor, similar to an electric chair, except it was a whole large floor, made wet for enhanced conductivity. When revisionists proved that story untenable, the Jews substituted other killing methods, finally settling on the gas chamber story.

The truth, of course, would not have changed.

Nearly everything the revisionists have said about the Holocaust myth is true. Nearly every arrest made for Holocaust denial is a purely political arrest, and its victim is a purely political prisoner. The Soviet Union, itself the creation of Jewish bankers in New York and Jewish communists in Russia, did not actually die: it merely exported itself from Russia to the rest of the world.

Once upon a time, if you told the truth about the Jews in Russia, you were thrown into prison or worse. Now everywhere besides Russia, that's what's happening. The United States, because of its tradition of explicit legal protection for free speech, is perhaps the least affected of the affected countries, but that is not to say it is unaffected.

Think about it: Why should the Jews have legal protections from having their version of history doubted, when nobody else has such protections? Why should the Jews get such paramount consideration for their feelings, as opposed to the feelings of others? Is there really any reason?

Think about this, too: is all that is "antisemitic" necessarily untrue? If there is such a thing as a true antisemitic statement, then why would it be any more unspeakable than a true anti-White statement? Is there really any reason?

Jerry Abbott

P.S. Not only was this post censored shortly after it appeared, I was banned from the forum by the administrators. "You have been banned from this forum. Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information." This was after policies had been defined such that Holocaust related debate would be acceptable there. Perhaps what they had intended all along was stage sort of a faux-debate, with false-flag "doubters" being "convinced" by stalwart Holocaust supporters, and the arrival of a genuine skeptic was interfering with their plans.

Part 2. "They banned me and deleted all of my substantial posts, including my two newest posts in two different threads. It's funny how they decided some time ago to make 'holocaust denial' and arguing about the holohoax acceptable there, but then suddenly begin to delete all substantial posts that challenge the official fairy story." (An email from a friend in Finland.)

Bait and switch is a game played by unscrupulous merchants, in which they convince a buyer to pay for one thing, but then they give him something of inferior worth, plus some sort of excuse, such as "Oh the one you were looking at in our store is for display purposes only, we ship the actual item you purchased from our warehouse. It should be essentially the same as what you saw in the store." Only, of course, it isn't.

The game of bait and switch was possibly invented by Jews (or anyway I would not be surprised), at first for cheating in the marketplace. But they learned how to adapt it to political situations. What happened to you was bait-and-switch on rules and policies. You were told that something would be allowed, but the purpose for saying that was merely to identify people whose opinions were contrary to political correctness.

The Jews are perhaps the most frequent perpetrators of political bait-and-switch, but the most famous instance of that game wasn't committed by Jews, but rather by the communist government of China. It was called "The Campaign of 100 Flowers," in which the Beijing government pretended that it had suddenly become tolerant of democratic ideas. The Chinese democrats trusted the government and gave their opinions, and the government, for a while, smiled and wrote down the dissidents' names and addresses. Soon tolerance time was over, and the arrests were made, followed by the executions.

The Jews and the liberals who follow them, do that very same thing. And that's what happened to you.

Jerry Abbott

Part 3. Luke O'Farrell, after quoting a paragraph from an article in The London Times for 7 Sep 2006, said: "Oh dear, so it wasn’t the MCB [Muslim Council of Britain] who wanted to turn us into a police-state after all: it was the philosemitic politicians who conducted the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Anti-Semitism. Whoever would have guessed it? Anyone who knows about Jews and free speech, that’s who. If Jews have power and influence, they start working to take away free speech. It’s no use arguing that some Jews support free speech and some white goyim oppose it: the average effect of the two groups is perfectly clear. It was whites who created free speech in the West and it is Jews who are taking it away. Was there any popular support for Britain’s race laws, introduced in the 1960s and steadily harshened ever since? No, there wasn’t, but what does the will of the people matter in a democracy? The Board of Jewish Deputies wanted the race laws and got them. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League would like identical laws in the United States; so far, thanks to the evil white males who created the First Amendment, it hasn’t gotten them."

Very true. And very well spoken. But the Jews not only suppress truthful speech by White people, especially on the subjects of race in general and Jews in particular, they also use their control of the media to spread false opinions though various kinds of deceit, which is often mostly the misuse of emphasis and omission.

Allow me to illustrate. In which group do you find the largest percentage of pedophiles? The Jews who own and operate the mass media would dearly like you to believe that it's White nationalists (most), followed by Catholic priests, followed by Black preachers, followed by Jewish rabbis (least). In fact, the exact reverse order is likely to be true.

The Jews have found a couple of White nationalist perverts after and because they were first discovered, and promptly reported, ostracized and condemned by other White nationalists. Now, against this White nationalist record, tally up these guys, many of whom carried on their disgusting perversions for years or even decades before someone blew the whistle.

Note: I do not originate, nor do I presume to confirm, any of the accusations against the below-named persons. The list to follow is simply a recitation of names of persons who have been accused by others of committing sexual crimes, mostly involving children. Anyone wishing to know the accusations in each case is invited to do his own research and form his own opinion.

Rabbi Avraham Asher
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
Rabbi Bryan Bramly (NEW! Look up the details of his arrest on the internet!)
Rabbi Lewis Brenner
Rabbi Ephraim Bryks
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
Rabbi Elior Chen
Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen
Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen
Rabbi Asher Dahan
Rabbi Arnold Fink
Rabbi Jacob Frank
Yehudah Friedlander (rabbinical assistant)
Rabbi Mordechai Gafni
Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg
Rabbi Isaac Goldenberg
Rabbi Sidney Goldenberg
Rabbi Mark A. Golub
Cantor Joel Gordon
Rabbi Israel Grunwald
Rabbi Solomon Hafner
Rabbi and Child Psychiatrist Alan J. Horowitz
Cantor Mark Horowitz
Elbert John Jarvis II (Beth El Hebrew Congregation voted this alleged pedophile "Man of the Year" in 2005.)
Rabbi Steven J. Kaplan
Rabbi David Kaye
Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum
Rabbi Robert Kirschner
Rabbi Yehuda Kolko
Rabbi/Yeshiva Teacher Ze’ev Kopolevitch
Rabbi Baruch Lanner
Rabbi Baruch Lebovits (NEW! Look up his conviction for child molestation on the Internet!)
Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz
Rabbi Jerrold Martin Levy
Rabbi Pinchas Lew
Rabbi David E. Lipman
Rabbi/Psychologist Mordecai Magencey
Rabbi Richard Marcovitz
Rabbi Samuel Mendelowitz
Rabbi Yaakov Menken
Rabbi Yona Metzger
Rabbi Juda Mintz
Rabbi and Psychologist Avrohom Mondrowitz
Cantor Howard Nevison
Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Oratz (Name not unique, the alleged pedophile was born 11 April 1967)
Rabbi Michael Ozair
Rabbi Haim Pardes
Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld
Rabbi Edward Schlaeger
Rabbi David Schwartz
Cantor Michael Segelstein
Rabbi Charles Shalman
Cantor Robert Shapiro
Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel
Rabbi Ze’ev Sultanovitch
Rabbi Melvin Teitelbaum
Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler (Name not unique, the suspected pedophile was born 15 January 1955)
Rabbi Mordecai Tendler
Rabbi Isadore Trachtman
Rabbi Hirsch Travis
Rabbi Eliyahu Tzabari
Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus
Rabbi Matis Weinberg
Rabbi Yaakov Weiner
Rabbi Nachman Weisfeld
Rabbi Mordechai Willig
Cantor Phillip Wittlin

Rabbi Hershel J. Worch
Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov
Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman
Rabbi Max Zucker

This is not, of course, an exhaustive list of alleged Jewish pedophiles. Nor is it even a complete tally of rabbis who are pedophiles. It is, rather, merely some of the names of alleged Jewish rabbi pedophiles that I could find in a hurry. No doubt further research would uncover more.

Jews sometimes molest invalid old people, too. A New York City Hasadic Jew and rabbinical student, Yakov Kramer, is accused of sexually molesting a hospitalized 72-year-old man. Apparently, the Jew walked into the old patient's room and asked the old man whether he was Jewish. Upon finding out he was not, Kramer reportedly raised up the patient's hospital gown and began fondling his genitals. A nurse walked in, witnessed these goings-on, and ran to call hospital security, who turned the wayward rabbinical student over to the police. Nasty, huh?

It is possible that some of the named Jews are innocent of the crimes for which they are accused. The reader is urged to review all of the available information and make his own judgment. The listing of the names is meant to be a starting point for such research. The list is not an attempt to convince anyone of any particular opinion in any case.

A percentage of the common secular Jews are also pedophiles, about whom you hear nothing because the Jews control the media. For example, the following Jews were given a position of trust, which they allegedly betrayed by some form of child sexual exploitation:

Arie Scher, career diplomat, formerly Israeli Assistant Consul to Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, 2000. Engaged in child rape, child prostitution, and child pornography. The customers for the prostitution business were mostly wealthy Jewish tourists from Israel.

Georges Schteinberg, college professor, formerly teacher of Hebrew language at Liessin College in Rio de Janeiro, 2000. Engaged in child rape, child prostitution, and child pornography as Arie Scher's accomplice.

Leonardo Chaim, counsellor at a youth boy's camp near Sao Paulo, Brasil. Engaged in child rape and child pornography (2000). Produced a pedophile instruction manual entitled "How to Rape a Boy" (translated from Portuguese).

Seth Bekenstein, member of the tennis club of Walnut Creek, California. Known to the FBI as the former US West Coast distributor of child pornography, some of it also snuff porn, made by a Jewish crime syndicate in Russia, with gentile children kidnapped throughout East Europe and FSU Republics.

Richard Steve Goldberg, Jewish aerospace engineer. Raped children in his spare time. Was one of the FBI's "Most Wanted" until his arrest in Canada in 2007.

Jeffrey Epstein. Jewish hedge fund speculator and billionaire. Accused of molesting young girls in Europe, in the formerly Soviet republics, and in South America. Three of the girls, each of them 12 years old, were illegally brought to the USA from France so that Epstein could rape them on his birthday, then pack them off, back to France, the day after. Some of his victims reported that Epstein would take them on international flights in his private jets. These instances of moving his victims internationally aggravate his sexual crimes with the "trafficking" factor. See here.

During his trial for crimes alleged by seven of his victims, Epstein hired private investigators to attempt to find ways to blackmail the Palm Beach Police and had one of them impersonate a police officer to intimidate some of his victims' families. For those crimes, Epstein received barely a slap on the wrist: one year of "house arrest" in Palm Beach, Florida, with the freedom to make trips to New York and to his private Caribbean island. His sentence for other crimes, including solicitation of prostitution with a minor, was 13 months in the Palm Beach Stockade, during which he was let out every day to visit his office.

Just the single crime of trafficking, which violates the federal
2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act, enacted in Florida since 2002, would carry a mandatory penalty of 20 years in prison for most people.

Other trials have been forestalled by payments of $1 million to the family of each new victim that has since appeared, which is pocket-change to multi-billionare Jeffery Epstein. Former Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter said he believes that Epstein was given special, lenient treatment by the state attorney's office, and then more leniency by the US Department of Justice, because he is a rich and well-connected Jew, the sort of man who is treated as if they should be "above the laws" by a governmental system that rich and well-connected Jews have thoroughly corrupted.

David Sonenschein. Noted Jewish author and pedophile. Here's a "fair use" sample of his work.

"It is best when beginning sex with a kid to do it as part of a game. Sometimes the kid will make the first move, sometimes the adult. Sometimes the adult can create a situation where a kid can ask for sex or start sex if they want. Curiosity is a big factor, exploring somebody and having them explore you is another good way to start. This can be a kind of show and tell. Just about anything that adults can do together an adult and a kid can do together. It's best to go slowly the first time - and its more exciting that way too - but of course you have to be sensitive to size differences.

"Kids enjoy non-penetrating sex the best. Most very young or small kids can not and should not be penetrated by an adult. Having sex is having fun! If anyone is not able to relax, it won't be as enjoyable. Sex is play, not work. If you have sex with some that like it, they can tell those of their friends who may also be interested. Sometimes starting out sex is better if other kids are doing it too. Group sex is a good way to experiment and experience all kinds of sex with all different sorts of partners. What better way to learn!"

I recently found another long list of Jewish perverts, but I'm tired of typing their names. Click the link. They include a Jewish Youth Group Leader who raped four boys, a Jewish soccer coach who molested two, a Jewish school teacher who sent child porn through the Internet, a Jewish pediatrician who raped his little patients, a Jewish doctor who raped his daughter, a Jewish "Big Brother" (Eric Hindin) who raped at least 35 of his "little brothers," a Jewish judge who looked at kiddie porn and molested children, and so forth, and so on.

As another writer has said, "this is just the tip of the iceberg." Maybe it's the tip of the goldberg, too. And the goldenberg. And the schteinberg. And the weinberg. Plus a few baums, steins, and witzes.

Furthermore: if you didn't know which pedophile offenders belonged to which racial group, if you didn't see any of their names, but were only given complete and accurate summaries of what each of them did, and then asked which of the offenders were the worst, you wouldn't pick out the White gentiles among them. Indeed, not. You'd pick mainly the Jews as being the worst of this bad bunch. Set their crime histories side-by-side, and blank out only the names and racial affiliations if you're afraid of being "prejudiced," and you will judge that the Jewish child predators will almost always have been crueler, dirtier, sicker, and more rapacious than the White ones have been.

So remember this the next time you hear a Jew carrying on about Catholic or White nationalist malefactors. The White moral record isn't spotless, but it's better than that of most other races. And the Jewish moral record isn't merely checkered, it's among the worst of all races. You can't know all the facts when your sources of information are controlled by Jews, and the Jewish control of the media lets them play these games of emphasis and omission in order to mislead you. When you discover the facts, you'll understand why the Jews must engage in censorship, deceit, and self-serving "information management."

Jerry Abbott

"Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible."
MARIA THERESA, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1777).

Benjamin Franklin allegedly warned members of the American Constitutional Convention of 1787 about the Jews and about the danger of allowing Jews to immigrate to the United States. The warning reads that Jews are adroit tricksters in matters of financial policy, which they use to cheat gentiles out of the reward of their hands' and minds' labors. The warning compares Jews to vampires who must live among non-Jews in order to have a source of sustenance. Certain Jewish groups, known for their brazen lies on similar matters, have asserted that the "Franklin Prophecy" is a fraud and a hoax. One of these Jewish groups, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), is also on record as saying that Jews don't control Hollywood, and that anyone who claims otherwise is issuing "an antisemitic canard." If the ADL has the chutzpah, the extreme dishonesty, to deny the Jewish control of Hollywood, you have to wonder what other lies they tell. On the other hand, even a liar might occasionally tell the truth, so I reserve judgment on the authenticity of the "Franklin Prophecy." However, whether it is authentic or not, the content of the "Franklin Prophecy" is certainly true.

The Nazis have been telling the truth about the Jews for 90 years to a world that the Jews have deceived with lies.

Part 4. Besides sex-slavery and pedophilia...

Jews aren't the only ones running international sex-slavery businesses. They are just represented among its major profiteers in (very) disproportionately high numbers. If a young boy or girl is kidnapped in East Europe, there's a good chance that Jews were behind the kidnapping and that the child is now sucking Jewish penises in Israel or in some other place where Jews run prostitution or pornography businesses. But there's another kind of business that is run in parallel with sex-slavery, and that's the international black market trafficking in stolen human organs. Such as kidneys, for example. Again, Jews aren't the only ones involved, but again they are represented in such businesses in disproportionately high numbers.

In July 2009, the FBI arrested...

Peter Cammarano III, Democrat, mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. Dennis Elwell, Democrat, mayor of Secaucus, New Jersey. Anthony Suarez, Democrat, mayor of Ridgefield, New Jersey. Daniel Van Pelt, Republican, New Jersey state legislator. L. Harvey Smith, Democrat, New Jersey state legislator.

Along with them were arrested these Orthodox Jews:

Eliahu Ben Haim, 58, Long Branch NJ, rabbi, laundered money gained from crime. Mordchai Fish, 56, Brooklyn NY, rabbi, laundered money gained from crime. Saul Kassin, 87, Brooklyn NY, rabbi, laundered money gained from crime. Edmund Nahum, 56, Deal NJ, rabbi, laundered money gained from crime. Lavel Schwartz, 57, Brooklyn NY, rabbi, laundered money gained from crime. Levi-Ishak Rosenbaum, 58, Brooklyn NY, rabbi, illegally tried to sell a human kidney. Schmulik Cohen, 35, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed inside his residence. Yeshayahu Ehrental, 65, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed in his Brooklyn office. Yolie Gertner, 30, Brooklyn NY, cash courier for Fish. David S. Goldhirsh, 30, Brooklyn NY, cash courier for Fish. Abe Pollack, 40, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed in his Brooklyn office. Binyomin Spira, 28, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed inside a bakery. Naftoly Weber, 40, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed in his Brooklyn office. Arye Weiss, 34, Brooklyn NY, ran an illegal bank for laundering money, concealed inside his residence. Shimon Haber, ?, ?, unknown charges. Moshe Altman, ?, ?, unknown charges. Itzak Friedlander, ?, ?, unknown charges. Charles Amon, ?, ?, bribed housing inspectors to look the other way. Levi Deutsch, 37, Brooklyn NY, indicted on unknown charges, currently living in Israel.
NEWARK, N.J. – An investigation into the sale of black-market kidneys and fake Gucci handbags evolved into a sweeping probe of political corruption in New Jersey, ensnaring more than 40 people Thursday, including three mayors, two state lawmakers and several rabbis.

Even for a state with a rich history of graft, the scale of wrongdoing alleged was breathtaking. An FBI official called corruption "a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state."

Federal prosecutors said the investigation initially focused on a money laundering network that operated between Brooklyn, N.Y.; Deal, N.J.; and Israel. The network is alleged to have laundered tens of millions of dollars through Jewish charities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey.
Does anyone here still think that Jewish conspiracies don't happen? Is anyone here naïve enough to think that this is the biggest Jewish conspiracy to ever happen? Has anyone reading this any doubt that the unusual thing about this story isn't that Jews were doing this sort of thing, but rather that Jews were caught doing it, and reported on?

I mean, this is weird. For reasons I can't even guess at, the Jewish media themselves are (finally, at last) ventilating a major scandal in which a reasonably large number of politically medium-sized Jews have been caught running an international fraud on a significant financial scale for a long period of time. At present, I have no idea why the media bosses are doing this. Oh, I'm sure that there is a reason, but I don't know what it is. Jews do this kind of thing often and much, sometimes on a scale larger than this, and the Jewish media routinely hush it up, so why is this particular scandal getting so much public attention?

Okay. I've thought about it, and here's a theory. Most of the Jews in control of the mass media are secular Ashkenazim. The Jews who got busted for money laundering in New York and New Jersey are Orthodox Sephardim. So the media coverage of the naughty rabbis might be a part of a intra-Judaic ethnic turf war. Maybe. Concerning the FBI arrests themselves, the Orthodox Jews are predictably claiming that they were motivated by antisemitism. More about this as events warrant.

The charges made by the FBI were money laundering and illegal money transmitting (bribes). The story was reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the New York Daily News, 23 July 2009. It was briefly mentioned that some of the money being laundered was from "the trafficking of kidneys from Israeli donors." Cough. What do you want to bet that not all of those kidneys (and, no doubt, other organs as well) were voluntarily donated? What do you want to bet that the "donors" were Israeli only in the sense that they happened to be in Israel when the organs were removed from their bodies?

Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs for Transplants,
Israelis Deep into Organ Trafficking: An Open Letter to Israel Asper, Voices of Palestine.

Nancy Scheper-Hughes is an anthropologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who decided to investigate the Jewish traffickers in human organs, particularly Rabbi Levi-Ishak Rosenbaum..
[Her] sources include a man who started working with Rosenbaum imagining he was helping people in desperate need. The man then began to see the donors, or to be more accurate, sellers, who were flown in from impoverished countries such as Moldova [in Eastern Europe, located between Romania and Ukraine].

"He said it was awful. These people would be brought in and they didn't even know what they were supposed to be doing and they would want to go home and they would cry," Scheper-Hughes said.

The man called Rosenbaum "a thug" who would pull out a pistol he was apparently licensed to carry and tell the sellers, "You're here. A deal is a deal. Now, you'll give us a kidney or you'll never go home.' "

"The Jewes are not the men to be blamed for nothing." (Jack the Ripper, London, 1910.)

Prostitutes do a better business when they are young than when they are old. Older prostitutes (over 30) who are slaves might be considered a business liability by the brothel's operators, because of their lower margin of profitability. One of the things they might do to an older prostitute is kill her and remove her (or his) organs for sale on the black market.

Think about this, the next time you think about Jews.

Here's a paragraph from a New York Daily News article about the Orthodox Jewish community in Deal, New Jersey:
The Syrian Jewish community is renowned for its charity and insularity - taking care of its own from cradle to grave but excommunicating anyone who dares to marry outside the faith.
Look at the phrase "taking care of its own from cradle to grave." To non-Jews, this might be a reference to a readiness of church-based charities to help people who are temporarily in difficult circumstances, or perhaps a reference to an insurance policy on which they pay premiums. But in regard to Jews, it means much more than that. The Jews of Deal, New Jersey, live in mansions. They have money for everything: not merely for the necessities that we gentiles are hard-put to provide for our families, but also for luxuries and travel. And whereas we can scarcely afford to raise one or two children, these Jews have no financial problems with having six to ten children per family.

And none of them work. They don't have jobs. White nationalists, of course, knew that Jews commonly support themselves through skulduggery, but it has long been a mystery to the majority of White people who refuse to believe that Jews are often very successful criminals. Now, at last, their means of support has become visible. Jews, engaging in crime, some of it involving the sale of illegal drugs, some of it involving killing people, some of it involving forcing women into prostitution, some of it involving international trafficking in child pornography, some of it involving luring people from poor countries to Israel and then stealing their kidneys at gunpoint, take their ill-gotten money to secret banks which are disguised as charities, where it has the taint of crime laundered away from it. And that is how the Jews get their money, the money they use to live in mansions and have large families without having to work, as we gentiles must.

What the FBI's investigation uncovered is Jews, lots of Jews, behaving in exactly the way that Jews are stereotyped to behave, proving that the Jewish denials of that stereotype are lies. Which in turn proves yet another stereotype about Jews, which is, as Adolf Hitler put it, "Jews must tell lies for the same reason that people in northern countries must wear warm clothes."

For more information, especially the historical background for Jewish predation on gentiles, read BLOOD RITUAL, by Philip de Vier, published by National Vanguard Books in 2001.

And this isn't the first time dirty Jewish rabbis have been caught laundering money for criminals!

According to the New York Times for 17 June 1997...
A dozen men, including two identified as Orthodox Jewish rabbis, were charged by federal authorities Monday with conspiring to launder and hide $1.75 million in drug profits for Colombian narcotics dealers by routing the cash through the bank accounts of a synagogue and a yeshiva in Brooklyn. The bizarre case, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn said, brought together a collection of strange bedfellows - five New York representatives of Colombian drug traffickers, three go-betweens who purportedly transported cash in suitcase quantities, and four men with ties to a close-knit Jewish community. At one point, the officials charged, the rabbis ran tens of millions of dollars in drug profits through the bank accounts of a relatively modest Borough Park synagogue and provided nearly $3.5 million from American and Swiss accounts for the purchase of an aircraft for the Colombian drug lords. Money launderers are the indispensable partners of major drug traffickers, and the cynical act of using religious institutions to conceal drug proceeds is particularly reprehensible," said Zachary Carter, the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, in announcing the charges. Seven defendants, including Rabbi Mahir Reiss, 47, of 3543 Bedford Ave., and Rabbi Bernard Grunfeld, 64, of 1417 46th St., both in Brooklyn, were arrested Monday and were arraigned late in the day before U.S. Magistrate Judge Roanne L. Mann, charged with conspiracy to launder money. Two suspects, Grunfeld and Israel Knobloch, 24, of 5200 15th Ave., Brooklyn, also were charged with conspiring to avoid federal cash-transaction reporting requirements. Six defendants were held without bail, and one, Abraham Reiss, 48, of 320 Riverside Drive in Manhattan, a brother of Mahir Reiss, was released on $750,000 bail. Three other men named in the federal complaint were listed as fugitives, and two more were being held in custody elsewhere in New York in other cases, according to Lee Dunst, the assistant federal attorney prosecuting the case.
Of course, many people will assume that all the bad Jews have been found now. There aren't any more bad Jews on the loose. All the Jews who have not been caught are good Jews. All of the crimes committed by Jews have been discovered and are now well-known to the public and to the authorities. These are all isolated and anomalous events. There aren't any more Jewish crimes to be found anywhere.

And if you believe any of that, then you are hopelessly stupid.

The Dirty Laundry of Jews in Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, 14 October 2000).
Jail Not Kosher for Jewish Money Launderers in Australia (Sydney Morning Herald, 14 October 2000).
Israel Is a Paradise for Money Launderers (Yediot Ahronot, 27 April 1997).

Reserve [Israeli] General [Meir Zamir] Suspected of Organ Trafficking: Six Complain in Organ Trafficking Scandal after Donors Complain They Were Not Paid for Their Kidneys (by Sharon Roffe-Ofir, Israel News, April 2010). Two Jewish lawyers were also arrested on charges of helping the organ traffickers by creating false documents.

Jerry Abbott

Here's an antisemitic joke created by altering a Jewish sales ad for a yarmulke: "The Star of David or Magen David as it is known in Hebrew literally means the Shield of David. According to the Kabbalah, the two triangles facing opposite directions represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, or spiritual vs. physical. The triangle that is pointing downward symbolizes evil, which Jews gather from the pits of hell in order to activate a flow of wickedness that comes back up into the world, which is symbolized by the triangle that is pointing upward."

A joke about a Jew and an Amish man. Once upon a time, a hungry Amish man came to the doorstep of a Jew and knocked upon the door. The door opened and the Jewish man said, "Vell? Vat do you vant?" The Amish man said he was very hungry and asked if he might have some food. The Jew said, "Sure, sure," grabbed a bag of Doritos, tossed it at the Amish man, and slammed the door shut. As it happened, several weeks later the Jew was walking along the roadside after being jokingly kidnapped and stranded far from home by a gang of naughty Black homosexuals. He stopped at the door of a house, being very hungry, and knocked for attention. The door opened, and it was the Amish man. Not recognizing him at first, the Jew begged for food. The Amish man said, "Certainly, one moment..." The door closed. An instant later six Amish men appeared in the back yard with lumber and nails, and in two or three minutes had built a trestle table of the kind you find in all the better public parks. Then the Amish man's wife and daughters came out bearing plates, eating utensils, and two huge covered platters. A delicious aroma began to fill the area. The Jew thought he was in Heaven. "Sit and eat," suggested the Amish man. The Jew sat down in front of a plate, reaching for the cover of the largest platter. Removing it, he saw staring at him a perfectly done roast suckling pig... complete with an apple in its mouth. The Jew groaned because his religion forbade him to eat pork. Then he removed the cover of the other platter... and found a bag of Doritos.
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