jenab6 (jenab6) wrote,

Gregg Popovich gets it all wrong

The "woke" US Men's Olympic basketball team has lost to France.

. . . And YouTube censored another of my comments.

I wrote:

That blasted idiot Gregg Popovich said that whites got a "head start" because they were born white, like being privileged to start a 100-meter race at the midway point instead of at the starting line.

NO! THAT IS THE WRONG COMPARISON. Whites got the same kind of lead in intellectual fields of endeavor that blacks get with a 100-meter sprint. The advantages that whites have aren't systemic; they are biological. Just as blacks sprint better, on the average, than whites do, so likewise does the higher average IQ — i.e. the better brains — of white people give them an advantage in intellectual pursuits.

These biological circumstances aren't any fault of white people. They were contrived by nature through evolution. Whites haven't done any oppressing since whites ended slavery. (Nobody else would have done that, but whites did.) Whites haven't given themselves any unfair advantage or denied to blacks anything that was properly due them. Whites are just superior in some ways than blacks are. Just as blacks have advantages versus whites in certain other ways.

The minorities of this world are RESENTFUL of the innate, heritable advantages that whites have that they do not have, and, because of this resentment, they are assigning blame to whites that whites do not deserve.

WOKE US Men's Basketball Team HUMILIATED By France!!! by Dr. Steve Turley


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