jenab6 (jenab6) wrote,

The lies of BLM and the MSM are exposed by the body cam video of the officer who shot Ma'Khia Bryant

Police in Columbus, Ohio, responded to a call about a knife fight. When they arrived, the officer saw a teenage female black, holding a knife. Her name was Makiyah Bryant. Makiyah had just finished knocking down a white girl or woman and, brandishing the knife, attacked the black woman who is wearing a pink sports suit and white sneakers.

Meanwhile, an adult male black ran up and kicked the white woman in the back of the head while she was trying to stand up, knocking her back to the ground.

The officer who shot Makiyah probably saved the life of the woman in the pink sports suit. But he probably also should have shot the adult male black, too. What really bothers me is how the white police officer defended the black woman in pink from attack, but he did not defend the white woman who had been knocked down from her second attacker.

Here's a link to the officer's body cam video. You probably won't find it on YouTube because the MSM narrative is that Makiyah is "an innocent victim who got shot for no reason." Watch the video and observe how blacks excuse and/or justify their misbehavior and how egregiously the leftist media lie.

The embed link doesn't work here. So click the link to go to where the video is hosted.

The video is on YouTube, after all, but it is a less complete version in which the action takes place much more quickly.


Blacks don't always win when they attack their victims. Observe this robbery scene in South Africa.

I'll bet that armed black robber was surprised when the white guy with the gun showed up. Now there's one less of them to worry about. Robbers, I mean.

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