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The Democrats Stole the 2020 Presidential Election by Several Hundred Thousand Fraudulent Votes

We knew that the Democrats would cheat, but we didn't know that they would dare cheat as spectacularly as they did overnight. The Democratic Party's various organizations have counted hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes in several key states.

Democrat state governors are complicit in the fraud by calling a halt in the vote counting in order to give those organizations time to generate however many votes were required to overcome the genuine lead of Donald Trump in each county.

The mainstream media are complicit in the fraud by treating the very sudden shift in the vote counts without suspicion, as if it were something that should be expected.

You know that these votes are fraudulent because they are nearly 100% for Biden. Late-appearing genuine votes would be a mix of votes for the two candidates.

In the US presidential election of 2016, the Democrats had been very confident of victory for their candidate Hilary Clinton. Thus they did not attempt election fraud on a massive scale. Nevertheless, Democratic operatives, such as Brenda Snipes of Broward County, Florida, did perpetrate election fraud. And got caught doing it.

This time, in November 2020, the Democrats were desperate. Their candidate was a senile, mentally incompetent man from a very corrupt family. He didn't bother to do much campaigning because he knew that his election would be facilitated by the massive fraud that the Democrats carried out last night.

This is probably the biggest electoral fraud in history. The election had been going heavily in Donald Trump's favor until the very late evening of 4 November. The Democrats stole the election, while we slept, during the night of 4th to 5th November 2020, by dumping several hundred thousand fraudulent votes in the key battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

Besides ballot-box stuffing with fake votes for Biden, the Democrats pulled a number of other tricks. In Maricopa County, Arizona, Democrat poll workers gave Sharpies (what we used to call Magic Markers) to Republican voters, knowing that only ballots filled out with ballpoint pens would be counted. Republican poll-watchers were forcibly excluded from many voting stations by democratic officials pretending to have the authority to do so.

Red Ice TV video about the Democrat cheating in the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

Styxhexenhammer666 talks about the stolen US presidential election of 2020.

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