jenab6 (jenab6) wrote,

The lesson the MSM never learns. FIRST, there was Nicholas Sandmann. NOW, there is Kyle Rittenhouse

Back to the Kyle Rittenhouse case. It has been revealed that the gun that 17-year-old Kyle used to defend, first, a shop owner's property from arson and, later, himself from attack by the rioting arsonists, belonged to a friend of his who lived in Wisconsin. Contrary to what you might have been hearing from the lying leftist mainstream media, that gun never crossed state lines.

Here's a possible repeat of the lesson that the MSM should have learned, but didn't learn, from their lies about Nicholas Sandmann. Sandmann is the teenager who the media falsely accused of racially disrespecting a native American, resulting in death threats, massive harassment, and unjust penalties against himself. When the truth came out, Sandmann began suing the media institutions who had lied about him and had refused to retract those lies with a suitable apology. And he has won probably millions of dollars in out-of-court settlements from MSM corporations.

Now here we go again. Probably, after he is exonerated from his politically motivated first-degree murder charges, Kyle Rittenhouse will have standing to sue the media corporations for defamation. And I hope that he wins, too.

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