jenab6 (jenab6) wrote,

Comment on Race, IQ, and Socio-Economic Status Censored from YouTube

@hydrolito That's right. But cultures differ, and our culture is one of the more technologically advanced cultures. Nearly all of our most highly paid jobs — technical, clerical, legal — are jobs that require a high IQ to be competitive in the labor market. Because blacks have an IQ distribution that is downwardly offset from that of whites by about 15 points, they will (in general) find themselves out-competed by whites for the best jobs, and the result will be a generally lower socio-economic status. Just as we can see around us today.

Now, in an attempt to give black people a boost up, we have Affirmative Action laws, racial hiring quotas, and Equal Opportunity requirements that burden employers with less qualified workers than they might otherwise have. And, despite all of these remedial efforts, blacks still lag behind. What the Marxists tell you about "systemic racism" is false, but it is even falser than you might think. It is blacks who have the privileges from the system. But their inborn racial disadvantages with respect to living in a technically advanced culture are so large that these privileges haven't been enough to compensate.

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