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The first shots have been fired in the first war on US soil in 155 years

The only problem with the title of the linked article is that it should read "Black Lives Matter is now killing people." The blame for committing a murder should never be placed upon the murder victim's exercise of free speech.

On 5 July 2020, in Indianapolis, Indiana, a white woman named Jessica Doty Whitaker was murdered by a Black Lives Matter gunman, who shot her and ran away. Jessica, who was 24, is survived by her three-year-old son, Greyson.

Jessica was a nurse who cared for elderly people at a nursing home.

I must repeat the major point of this story so that it will sink into your consciousness with the proper gravity. BLACK LIVES MATTER HAS BEGUN MURDERING WHITE PEOPLE. It isn't just beating us up, anymore. They are killing, and this has become a "hot" war.

BLM terrorists should be declared outlaws, and they should become the object of military search-and-destroy missions carried out by the US Army and US Marines. Americans aren't used to wars being fought on US soil because the last time it happened was 155 years ago. But another war has begun, and it should be fought with every tool of warfare that is at the disposal of our government.

Let me put it another way.

A citizen of the United States used her constitutionally protected freedom of speech to make a true and reasonable statement: "All lives matter." And because she did that, a member of Black Lives Matter decided that she should die, so he killed her.

A traitor is someone who wages war against the United States, or lends to an enemy of the United States aid and comfort. Military personnel swear to defend the United States and uphold its Constitution "against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Black Lives Matter is a treasonous and a terrorist group, which makes it an enemy of the United States. It does not matter that BLM is also a domestic group. They are an organized enemy group that has killed US citizens. For that reason, they have forfeited life, liberty, and property and are properly adjudged to be outlaws and traitors. Anyone who lends them aid and comfort is likewise a traitor to the United States under Article Three, Section Three of the US Constitution.

Therefore, it is right and proper that the US Armed Forces find them, engage them in combat, and destroy them. Our soldiers' orders should be search-and-destroy, shoot on sight, and shoot to kill. And at any time a large gathering of BLM members can be isolated, the Air Force should fly over them and drop some of those 2000-pound general purpose bombs in their midst.

When a criminal organization has ten thousand members or fewer, then it might be handled at the police level, assuming that the police are neither obstructed by politicians nor infiltrated by the criminals. But when a criminal organization has become too large for the police to deal with, or when corruption has inhibited effective police action, then it is necessary and correct to use the military forces of the country to set things right.

Saying 'All Lives Matter' Is Now Getting People Killed

Daily Mail
Young mother, 24, is shot dead in front of her fiancé after saying "all lives matter" during an argument with Black Lives Matter supporters

The Sun
Family of mom, 24, ‘shot dead after telling Black Lives Matter protesters “all lives matter”’ demand justice

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