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A summary video from Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson explains his continuing legal difficulties and the corruption of the state in the United Kingdom.

California from Beach to Toilet

California, 1963

The Congo/Uganda ebola epidemic known death rate has linearized
The known death rate for ebola in Congo/Uganda has linearized. Since about 22 May 2019, the cumulative number of known deaths from the on-going ebola epidemic approximately follows this line:

known deaths = 1221 + 8.8006 (days since 22 May 2019)

22 May 2019 @ 12h UT = JD 2458625

Censorship: Facebook Strikes Again!
We Removed Something You Posted
It looks like something you posted doesn't follow our Community Standards.

Wayne Sims
Carl Benjamin (a.k.a. Sargon of Akkad) noticed that Tommy Robinson and the office of the UK Minister of Justice were in agreement about the existence of Muslim gangs in UK prisons and about the activism of those gangs in recruiting new members and in violently forcing conversion to Islam inside UK prisons. Mr. Benjamin mentioned this congruence of opinion on his Facebook page, and he said "Tommy Robinson has been proven right yet again." Facebook said that Mr. Benjamin had violated Facebook's community standards and deleted the post. The mainstream media in the UK have been lying about Islamic radicalization in the UK prisons. Tommy Robinson was (according to the Minister of Justice's report) telling the truth about Islamic radicalization in the UK prisons. Facebook censored Carl Benjamin for telling the rest of us that Tommy Robinson was the truth-teller.


Please Review the Community Standards
We understand that you may not have known about these standards, so we'd encourage you to learn more about what type of sharing is allowed on Facebook. If you see something that you think goes against one of our standards, you can report it to us.
Thanks for your understanding and help in keeping Facebook safe and welcoming.

This is purely a use of censorship in order to cover another act of wrongful censorship.

Two Hohmann Transfer Orbit Exercises
Heh heh...

Hohmann Transfer Orbit exercise #1.

A handsome prince sits in a spaceship on a spherical asteroid that has a sidereal rotation period of four hours. The surface gravity is 0.0710696254 m/s² measured at the equator, but is 0.0939159319 m/s² measured at the poles. A wicked sorcerer, having abducted a beautiful lady, has flung her into a circular orbit around the asteroid, which is coplanar with the asteroid's equator and codirectional with the its spin. The lady rises over the prince's horizon, calling for help, every 38h 35m 51.63888s.

Help the prince rescue the lady. Find the semimajor axis and eccentricity of the prograde Hohmann transfer orbit from the asteroid's surface, at the equator, to the lady. Find the magnitudes of the delta-vees for departure and for rendezvous. Find the elevation angle, subtended at the prince, of the lady at departure, correcting for DIP and for parallax, assuming that the prince, sitting in his spaceship's cockpit, is positioned 10 meters above the surface.

Hohmann Transfer Orbit exercise #2.

A handsome prince in a spaceship has just rescued a lady who, by a villainous act of an evil sorcerer, was left stranded in a circular orbit of 180 kilometers radius, going around a spherical asteroid having a radius of 120 kilometers and an average density of 2.8 grams per cubic centimeter. Unfortunately, the lady had been marooned for so long that she requires a bit of freshening before the prince can feel romantically inclined. A cache of freshening supplies is in a coplanar, codirectional circular orbit of 240 kilometers radius.

Help the prince to restore his lady to her fully freshened state. Find the semimajor axis and eccentricity of the prograde Hohmann transfer orbit from the spaceship's current orbit to the cache of supplies. Find the magnitudes of the delta-vees for departure and for rendezvous. Find the angle, subtended at the spaceship at the moment of departure, between the asteroid's limb and the cache.

Understanding Adolf Hitler and National Socialism Correctly
As a maker of domestic legislative policy, Adolf Hitler wasn't the least bit evil. Rather, he was inspired in a good way, and many of his ideas should be reintroduced by every Western country. Hitler recognized that families were the primary unit around which a functioning society is built. Under Hitler, the German government loaned the equivalent of 9 months' of a worker's pay to newly married couples, and each time the wife had a baby, one-quarter of that loan was legally forgiven (turned into a gift). The National Socialists viewed women as the preservers of the tribe, the guardians of future generations, and the priestesses of domestic virtue. German women ran the home, and they did it well.

What we call inflation in relation to prices is really a deflation of the value of currency. It happens because the government and big business borrow money at interest from bankers, and they extract the interest payments from the general public in one way or another. Inflation is, thus, a hidden tax that everyone in a usury-based money system must pay. Adolf Hitler severed all ties with the international banking cartels and introduced a public money system that did not require the payment of interest and therefore did not trigger inflation.

The international banks were (and still are) largely run by Jews, and whenever a national leader does what Hitler did, the Jewish bankers usually hire an assassin to kill him. That's why Abraham Lincoln was murdered. And it's why John F. Kennedy was murdered, too. And, though you might not have heard about him, former US Representative Louis T. McFadden was murdered for a related reason. To defy the Jewish financial elitists requires a lot of courage. Hitler had at least that much courage.

In Hitler's economy, Germany had no unemployment. None. Zero. Everyone would could work, did work and got paid. A family could be, and generally was, well supported by the wages of a single worker. It is true, however, that Hitler banned labor unions and had able men who refused to work imprisoned. The aim of industry (and farming) under National Socialism was self-sufficiency, not maximum profit. Hitler required capitalists to produce what the government told them to produce, although he let them keep their profits.

There's a myth that Hitler's economic success came about through German rearmament programs. That isn't true. During the 1930s, Germany was the country least prepared for war. Germany's economic recovery came about through Hitler's program of building new roads, bridges, dams, canals, port facilities, and the repair of public and private buildings. Hitler solved his country's entire unemployment problem in only two years.

Hitler was a vegetarian, and he admired nature. He loved animals and passed laws that protected them from mistreatment. As he once remarked, "It is useful to know the laws of nature, for that enables us to obey them. To act otherwise would be to rise in revolt against heaven."

It was Hitler's government that first sounded the alarm about the dangers of smoking tobacco. Adolf Hitler required that pictures of cancerous lungs be shown on cartons of cigarettes to discourage their consumption. As a result, the average consumption of cigarettes in Germany during the 1930s was only one quarter of the average consumption in America.

Under the government of Adolf Hitler, the crime rate (for such things as murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement and petty larceny) dropped sharply. Hitler's health programs reduced infant mortality and reduced the occurrence of diseases such as tuberculosis. German youth became more physically fit, energetic, and self-reliant. Poor people were better clothed and better housed under Hitler than had formerly been the case.

Although Marxist Socialism has been given multiple runs which we may regard as experiments with definite conclusion, namely, that Marxism fails largely due to its incompatibility with human nature, as evinced by "the tragedy of the commons," the same cannot be said of National Socialism. The only large-scale implementation of National Socialism never faltered because of internal contradictions, as is the case for Marxism, but rather was forcibly terminated by the Second World War. Whether or not National Socialism is longterm viable, and with what consequences to the people participating in it, is not yet known with certainty. The fact that National Socialism served Germany well during the Great Depression of the 1930s, while many other countries were suffering widespread poverty, suggests that there is much to be said in its favor.

And, of course, there is the satisfaction of telling the Jewish parasite to fuck off, which is cheerfully felt by nearly everyone when their usury based money systems are replaced by something far less exploitative and far more honest.


Weaponizing Asteroids
Some years ago, I calculated that if a bunch of space terrorists had gone out to the asteroid 2001-YB5, stopped its spin, and then, at 18h UT on 29 April 2018, given it a change of velocity having magnitude 83.659 m/s and direction RA 15h 24m 20.79s & Dec +5.4816652°, then it would strike Earth 617.02 days later, on 6 January 2020, with an impact energy of about 4000 megatons TNT. I figured that it would land in the Bay of Bengal, but that kind of precision was probably beyond my method, as I worked it out as a two-body problem.

Here are 2001-YB5's Keplerian orbital elements prior to the adjustment:

a = 2.349557177836 AU
e = 0.862427471513
i = 5.490700413641°
Ω = 109.3451209415°
ω = 114.2474452629°
T = JD 2453637.57768

Here are 2001-YB5's Keplerian orbital elements after the adjustment:

a = 2.34927904922 AU
e = 0.86261448066
i = 5.61408792487°
Ω = 106.665251678°
ω = 116.777537558°
T = JD 2457580.637076

Here's what the (geocentric) ephemeris of the altered-orbit 2001-YB5 would have been:

01 Dec 2019, 0.6678 AU, 7h 42m 50s, 17d 04' 21"
15 Dec 2019, 0.3936 AU, 7h 45m 37s, 16d 36' 01"
20 Dec 2019, 0.3008 AU, 7h 43m 51s, 16d 30' 39"
25 Dec 2019, 0.2105 AU, 7h 38m 40s, 16d 30' 02"
01 Jan 2020, 0.0883 AU, 7h 09m 31s, 16d 45' 44"
02 Jan 2020, 0.0714 AU, 6h 57m 06s, 16d 49' 40"
03 Jan 2020, 0.0549 AU, 6h 37m 05s, 16d 50' 28"
04 Jan 2020, 0.0391 AU, 6h 00m 29s, 16d 33' 34"
05 Jan 2020, 0.0254 AU, 4h 40m 57s, 14d 35' 08"
06 Jan 2020, the Bay of Bengal.

Jewess Ariel Ricker caught teaching migrants how to lie to European border agents to gain asylum
Edit: Posting this got me banned from Facebook for 30 days. Accordingly, you will find this post on VKontacte, Vanguard News Network, LiveJournal, Gab, and many other places.

Once again, a Jewish skunk is found in the political woodpile.

Jew Ariel Ricker Caught on Video Coaching Migrants to be Fake Christians to Fool Border Agents

This was brought forward in Lauren Southern's documentary Borderless.

It was mentioned, also, by Lana Lokteff of Red Ice TV.

Censorship Evasion: Borderless, by Lauren Southern
For immediate watching, sharing, downloading: Lauren Southern's censored new documentary, Borderless

After Youtube deleted her original upload, Lauren Southern uploaded it again. Get it while you can and share to everywhere in sight. The Jews don't like this documentary, so we ought to help it to undergo viralification.

HP Prime Calculator Speed Tests
How much faster is the new G2, as compared with the last version of the older G1 model?

A lot of people, using standard benchmark test software, get a speed ratio of about 3. I used my own programs and a stopwatch.

Test 1.

Task: A run of my MOID program to find the minimum orbit intercept distance between the hyperbolic orbit of New Horizons and the elliptical orbit of Kuiper Belt Object MU69.

HP Prime G1 (G8X92AA, version C): 23.4 seconds
HP Prime G2 (2AP18AA, version D): 8.4 seconds

Result: The G2 was 2.79 times faster than the G1.

Test 2.

Task: Factorizing the number 987654321 into (3)(3)(17)(17)(379721).

HP Prime G1 (G8X92AA, version C): 17.8 seconds
HP Prime G2 (2AP18AA, version D): 7.1 seconds

Result: The G2 was 2.51 times faster than the G1.

Test 3.

Task: Factorizing the number 55778811 into (3)(11)(1690267)

HP Prime G1 (G8X92AA, version C): 79.4 seconds
HP Prime G2 (2AP18AA, version D): 32.5 seconds

Result: The G2 was 2.44 times faster than the G1.