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Revised opinion regarding James Alex Fields and Heather Heyer
In assessing the events relating to James Alex Fields' car accident and Heather Heyer's death, I made a mistake.

I incorrectly concluded that Heather Heyer was never hit by James Alex Fields' car. I now believe that Heyer was hit by Fields' car, at the approximate speed of 20 miles per hour.

However, I remain convinced that Fields didn't intend to kill anyone, and that the criminal charge that best fits his deed is negligent manslaughter. Had I been on his jury, I'd have voted to convict him of manslaughter.

On the other hand, the jury verdict of guilty for first degree murder is almost certainly the result of prejudice against the defendant for having political opinions that they don't like. Fields wasn't proved beyond a reasonable doubt to have had any intention to kill someone, and thus the murder conviction is wrongful.

James Alex Fields was denied the presumption of innocence (of having the intent to kill that is required by a murder charge), and thus he was also denied due process of law as protected by the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

This is the best summary of events related to James Alex Fields' automobile accident at the intersection of Fourth and Water in Charlottesville, Virginia, on 12 August 2017.

Would you look at what Facebook decided to ban me for this time?
I've just been given another 30-day suspension from Facebook because of the following post.


David Sims
December 30, 2014

I always miss a few. Back in 2008, a 25-year-old black man named Christopher Lee McCuin abducted his white girlfriend, Jana Shearer, age 21, from her home in Tyler, Texas. He took her to his home and murdered her. He left his home briefly to visit his wife, from whom he was separated (gee, I wonder why) and murdered her boyfriend before returning to his house where he had left his own girlfriend's body lying. Being something of a traditional African cook, McCuin began carving up Shearer's body into esculent chunks, which he wrapped in aluminum foil and began cooking in his oven. The police found certain of the dead woman's body parts, such as her ears, boiling in a pot over a stove burner. Perhaps McCuin expected to eat the evidence of his crime.


This post goes against our Community Standards on hate speech, so no one else can see it.


Someone went back through my posts for FOUR YEARS, in order to find something to complain about. And what they complained about is my accurately reporting the details of a murder committed by a black man.

When leftists are in charge of media platforms, anyone else who provides (correct!) information that the leftists don't want people to know are censored and/or banned. The federal government really ought to pass antitrust legislation aimed at regulating social media so that they can't do that anymore.

My comment on Dr. David Duke's commentary on the wrongful conviction of James Alex Fields
Good video. I'd make one point, though.

Heather Heyer did not die as a result of James Fields' automobile accident.

[Edit: Since I posted this entry, I have changed my mind. Fields did hit Heather Heyer, albeit not intentionally. He was distracted by two Antifa hitting his car with sticks or bats, and his eyeglasses had fallen to the floor of the car.]

The person seen thrown forward over the top of the car that Fields' car rear-ended isn't Heather Heyer. She's a different fat woman.

[Edit: Yes, that other woman did exist, and it is easy to confuse the two women.]

Although both Heyer and that other woman were mostly dressed in black, that other woman was wearing a green or turquoise undergarment that Heyer didn't have. The mainstream media began trying to confuse Heyer with that other woman soon after the accident happened. But they are two different women.

When the crash happened, Heather Heyer was already lying prone by the curbside receiving chest compression CPR from a blonde woman wearing a blue shirt.

[Edit: I was wrong; this image was taken a short time after the crash, not a short time before the crash.]

She began having the heart attack that killed her minutes before the crash. There are videos that show the crash and Heather Heyer in the same frame, which prove that neither Fields' car nor the car that Fields' car rear-ended ever touched Heather Heyer.

[Edit: In fact, those videos show Heyer falling away from the car and then lying prone by the curb.]

In other words, Heyer's death and Fields' car crash were unrelated (if nearby) events.

[Edit: Nope. I was wrong about that -- I think.]

The jury that convicted James Alex Fields didn't even try to be fair. That jury didn't care at all about the evidence. That jury had decided to convict James Alex Fields before the trial even began.

[Edit: This is true insofar as they convicted him of first degree murder. The evidence was good enough to convict Fields of negligent manslaughter, but it wasn't good enough to convict him of murder.]

How'd you like to be tried by a lynch mob? By people seeking gratification by harming you as much as they can?

Why I disagree with Bill Whittle on the value and wisdom of human eugenics
There is a difference between artificial intelligence and perfect babies. Artificial intelligence isn't human. Perfect babies are. (Actually, though, perfection is hyperbole. What we are talking about isn't really perfection; it's more like a very substantial improvement in human quality. I'll continue to use the hyperbole, since Bill introduced it.)

Perfect babies are babies without the flaws that have plagued humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. Perfect babies are humans minus cancer, minus diabetes, minus myopia, minus birth defects of all kinds. Perfect babies are humans with higher intelligence, who live long and amazingly productive lives and who are healthy unto their last day. Perfect babies grow into adults who are above average in beauty and in moral conduct.

What the hell is wrong with perfect people? Only that the non-perfect are strongly disadvantaged when competing with them. But that's always been the case among humans, among whom some have been better than others since Homo habilis, if not earlier.

The acceleration of evolution among part of humanity will impose cost on the part of humanity that isn't eugenically enhanced. But what of it? The perfect people are, each of them, just as human as any non-perfect human is. You don't lose a speck of "humanness" simply because you replace a biologically flawed human with a human that isn't biologically flawed.

You only lose the FLAWS.

The metaphor between human eugenics and artificial intelligence is inappropriate for that reason.

No, perfection (or a state approximating it) isn't boring. Perfection doesn't mean that everybody is a close copy of everybody else. It only means that everyone is smart, agile, strong, and resistant to disease, etc. It doesn't mean that everyone has the same ideas, as if their world were some sort of echo chamber.

What produces uniformity of belief is general stupidity plus mass propaganda, not exceedingly high intelligence. If there were a greater convergence upon fewer alternative belief systems, then the most likely reason is that the generally higher intelligence of perfected people had discovered a greater number of falsehoods and had rejected them in favor of truth.

Is there something wrong with everyone recognizing truth? No.

There would continue to be disagreements, differences of opinion, varying philosophies. But the disagreements and the discussions pertaining to them would be, in general, on a much higher level, a circumstance made possible by their higher intelligence. It wouldn't be boring.

The assertion that making mankind as biologically flawless as possible would be boring is something that genus Australopithecus might have said in regard to genus Homo, or something that species Homo erectus might have said in regard to species Homo sapiens. Now we are on the cusp of creating the species Homo divinus, and a member of species Homo sapiens thinks that there is something wrong with it.

Making your low-ball attributes 'work for you' might make a game like Dungeons and Dragons more interesting. But life is not a game. A main character in a fantasy story might be more interesting to readers if he has a flaw that he must deal with and overcome. But life is not a fantasy story. Once again, Bill makes a metaphor that superficially sounds good, but, really, it isn't.

Anyway, no race can afford to forgo the benefits, the advantages, of eugenic improvement when there is any other race that is gaining those advantages for themselves. If we do not wish to be out-competed, dominated, replaced, and eventually driven to extinction, then we must also gain those benefits and advantages. The genie is out of the bottle. We must have our share of its power, or we will forfeit our existence.

Jewish pedophile Jeffrey Epstein settles lawsuit out-of-court
Have you ever wondered why Jewish groups have so much power over American and European officials?

Had a criminal trial taken place, Jeffrey Epstein's role as a Jewish instigator of blackmail-worthy criminal liabilities on the part of many US political figures, judges, senior cops, and rich businessmen, as part of a larger Jewish conspiracy to control the military and economic power of the United States, might have become public knowledge.

The James Alex Fields chapter of "The Innocent Get Convicted While the Guilty Go Free"
The political left, including Antifa, in collusion with corrupt judges and political leaders in the state of Virginia, have already imprisoned four white men who were wrongly convicted after they came to the defense of a middle aged white man, Harold Crews. Crews was attacked by two black males, Corey Long and DeAndre Harris, because he was carrying a Confederate flag during the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017.

Although DeAndre Harris was arrested for assaulting Harold Crews with a metal flashlight, an assault in which Harris hit Crews on the left side of his head, Charlottesville General District Judge Robert Downer Jr., after examining video evidence, chose to misconstrue what it revealed about the attack. He let Harris go free, even though the video clearly showed that he was guilty.

There is simply no possible way that a reasonable person, after carefully examining the video evidence of DeAndre Harris' bludgeoning attack on Harold Crews, could believe that DeAndre Harris was aiming for the flagpole when he swung that flashlight. In relative terms, the flashlight came nowhere near the flagpole. Harris probably did hit exactly what he was aiming to hit, which was Harold Crews' head.

There is simply no possible way that a reasonable person, after carefully examining the video evidence of Corey Long's attempt to steal and/or destroy Harold Crews' Confederate flag, could believe that the tip of the flag pole was ever a threat to Corey Long. As the videos show, Long had sneaked up from behind Harold Crews, while Crews was looking in another direction, and grabbed the top end of Crews' flag pole. Subsequently, Corey Long kept the flag pole pinned with his left hand against his left hip. Harold Crews was merely struggling with Long in order to get his property back.

Other judges pretended to find guilt in the four white men who came to Crews' defense, sending them to prison even though they weren't guilty of the crimes with which they were charged.

Daniel Borden (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)
Tyler Davis (sentenced by judge Steven Martin)
Jacob Goodwin (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)
Alex Ramos (sentenced by judge Richard E. Moore)

Now comes the trial of James Alex Fields, who came under attack by Antifa as he was trying to find his way out of Charlottesville, which was a city unfamiliar to him. A leader in a Marxist group that likes to portray themselves as "good ol' boys" or Southern rednecks, pointed a rifle at Fields. Fields turned away from this hick Marxist leader on to a one-way road. On that road, his car was attacked by bat-swinging Antifa members. The crash happened because Fields didn't see the stopped cars ahead of him because his view of them were blocked by massed Antifa, who were still illegally gathered in the city. (It is also possible that for a moment Fields wasn't looking where he was going.)

When the car crash happened, Heather Heyer was already lying on the street by the curb having the heart attack that killed her. She was receiving chest compression CPR from a blonde woman in a blue shirt, while another blonde woman, wearing a "white stars on black cloth" blouse and light colored pants was loosening Heyer's lower clothing, and while a third woman, with brown hair and wearing a black backpack, was squatting and looking on.

James Alex Field's car never touched Heather Heyer. Someone who was referred to as an "Antifa researcher" (by someone else, who should know better) is trying to convince anyone who will listen to him that a different woman, who was during the collision thrown across the car that Field's car hit, is Heather Heyer. That is not true. That woman was a different fat woman. Although both Heyer and that other woman were mostly dressed in black, the other woman was wearing a green or turquoise undergarment that Heather Heyer didn't have. Also, that other woman's hair was loose, while Heyer's hair was tightly bound in a pony tail.

I think that James Alex Fields will probably be railroaded into prison, just as those other four white men were treated. The presiding judge will probably be Richard E. Moore.

All the Marxist blacks are getting let go. All the Nationalist whites are being sent to prison. The evidence, seen in multiple videos, indicates that the Marxist blacks are guilty of assault, whereas the Nationalist whites aren't guilty of the crimes they were charged with.

The events in Charlottesville on 12 August 2017 can't be correctly understood by someone who depends on the official narrative. That narrative contains lies. In order to know what happened, you must see the videos and the photographs for yourself. Politicians have lied. Judges have lied. The mainstream media lie incessantly. But those videos do show what the truth is. You just need to look at them.

The MSM have a long history of creating false narratives for political reasons. They did so with George Zimmerman in 2012, shortly after he shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense, during a time when the media's bosses assumed that Zimmerman was a white man whom they could use to stir up racial tension. Later, they discovered that Zimmerman was a mestizo Hispanic (he is not, strictly speaking, a "white Hispanic," as a white man from Spain would be), but by that time they were committed to the story. The train had, as they say, left the station.

Citizen investigators and the alternative media documented the facts about Trayvon Martin's assault on George Zimmerman, and subsequently a jury found Zimmerman not guilty of murder and not guilty, also, of manslaughter. Truth triumphed, that time.

But not in Charlottesville. The MSM and several complicit judges and politicians have successfully lied four men into prison: Jacob Goodwin, Alex Ramos, Tyler Davis, and Daniel Borden. Now they're going to lie a fifth man into prison: James Alex Fields.

A (relatively) honest rabbi admits that Jews are behind the open-borders idea for Europe and America
We were previously told of the Jewish role in third-world immigration to Europe by George Soros, Barbara Specter, and others. And in the United States, the changes to the immigration laws were brought about by a Jew named Emanuel Celler, in 1965. This rabbi is to be commended for his honesty, to the extent he was honest, but he has not told us anything that we didn't already know.

I believe the rabbi is truthful for about the first seven minutes of his speaking. But when he begins to deny that the Jews desire revenge on whites, for everything from their defeat at Masada by the Romans... all the way to Hitler, then I do not believe him. We have heard Jews speak of their anticipation of this very revenge on the world wide web.

At 9:14-9:20, the rabbi describes certain Jews-in-name-only as being "assimilationists" and that they are attempting to "assimilate" into Western culture. But, no, that is misleading. These Jews (even though they are mostly atheists) are indeed Jews by any definition that matters, and what they are doing is infiltrating, not assimilating. They are infiltrators, not assimilationists. They do remain separate, but the separation is a kind of political encystment with economic parasitism, rather than a true national separation.

At 12:00, the rabbi insists that being a Jew is all about adhering to the religion of Judaism. I dispute this. Although the rabbi himself might assign meaning and validity to that definition, it isn't the definition that matters to almost everyone else. Many Jews believe that if you are a Jew by the rules contained in Jewish scriptures, then you are Jewish whether or not you believe what those same scriptures teach. And to us gentiles, you're a Jew if your ancestors were largely Jews: to us, biology carries the greatest significance.

Muslim woman murders Muslim boyfriend, minces his body, prepares traditional Muslim dish
There has been a foul murder! The people involved in this murder-cannibalism crime are all Muslims living in United Arab Emirates. The killer is a Moroccan woman who became hostile to her lover because he was going to marry someone else. She killed him, probably with a knife or a hammer, and then chopped his body into bits that would fit inside a food processor. She turned him into minced meat, cooked it, and served it with rice and veggies to some Pakistani workers — ostensibly as "machboos," one of their traditional halal dishes.

The 30-year-old woman was arrested after the murdered man's brother came looking for him and found a human tooth inside the food processor. (Evidently, he knew that he should check the food processor.) The woman subsequently confessed to the crime.

So, fellow whites, not all of the violent oppression within Islam is male upon female. Sometimes, it is the other way around. This Muslim woman turned a Muslim man into human excrement. His burial was to be flushed down a toilet, and his interment was inside a sewer or a septic tank.

How civilized! How respectful!

The Muslim man had been using the accused murderess for sex for seven years, and she might have believed that he would eventually marry her. She was reportedly supporting him financially for all that time. So, when he told her that he would instead marry a different, younger woman, she became enraged. How dare he! He must die!

Dottie Chua: Eeewww

David Sims: I think it is funny. Muslims are forbidden to eat the flesh of certain animals, including pigs and other Muslims. So the Pakistani workers probably feel like they should vomit, even though it is much too late for that.

Dottie Chua: yuckkkkk

David Sims: The Pakistani workers went to the bathroom and pooped him out.

Dottie Chua: omg...

David Sims: You can make pansit like that too. But probably that is a Mindinao recipe.

Brian Johnson: who knows what I ate from those BBQ stands in the Far East.

Mick Janevski: Monkey, most likely. LOL

David Sims: 奶油酱的被放弃的婴孩。It is a Chinese delicacy. A popular variant among far-Eastern campers is 在棍子上的油炸的胎儿。

Moroccan Woman Accused of Cooking Boyfriend into Traditional Dish

An Illustration of How the Jews Operate: Tanya Gersh and the SPLC
Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent in Whitefish, Montana, tried to pressure Sherry Spencer — the mother of Richard Spencer, a man who has been critical of Jews in the past — into selling a commercial building (a store?) that Sherry Spencer owned.

Among other things, Tanya Gersh reportedly threatened to bring a mob of leftists and hostile media reporters into the neighborhood, which would drive down the value of her property.

On the other hand, the Southern Poverty Law Center (which, it must be said, is at least an order of magnitude less reliable than CNN or MSNBC) said that the idea to sell the building was Sherry Spencer's originally, but she changed her mind before the deal was done. The SPLC said, on its website, "There were rumors that the building would be a target for protests around the time that a video of Richard Spencer’s speech to a white nationalist conference in Washington, DC, went viral."

Rumors, huh?

According to most other sources, Tanya Gersh tried to extort Sherry Spencer into going ahead with the sale of the commercial building by using threats of mob action and bad-mouthing by hostile journalists to cause the value of the property to plunge. There are rumors that outright vandalism and/or arson might take place. Extortion of the kind of which Tanya Gersh was accused is a criminal act that should be punished by law.

But that isn't what happened. Instead, Tanya Gersh received the assistance of Jewish organizations, including the SPLC, which have lots of money and some history of racketeering in the way they use the law courts.

Andrew Anglin, at the Daily Stormer, investigated the happenings in Whitefish, Montana, and he wrote a number of articles that were critical of Tanya Gersh.

The SPLC sued him, on behalf of Tanya Gersh.


I don't know one way or the other about the truthfulness of this post [about Tanya Gersh using her sexuality to broker real estate deals]. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were true, given the history regarding the dirtiness of Jewish skulduggery. On the other hand, this post could be only a smear. The Jews aren't guilty of every evil thing that they are accused of doing. They are merely guilty of most of them.

Not every antisemitic statement is true. It is possible for there to be such a thing as a false antisemitic statement. As fair-minded people, we should remember that.

Be that as it may, however, events pertaining to the extortion of Sherry Spencer by Tanya Gersh (and the wilful inaction upon it by the civil authorities) is a very good illustration of the extent to which civil society has been corrupted by the Jews. Indeed, the aftermath of that extortion includes a lawsuit, brought by the SPLC, against one of the people who revealed the crime to the public: Andrew Anglin. It isn't enough to say that the law doesn't work. You must further recognize that the law often works wrongly, backwards, in favor of criminality... when Jews are the criminals.

The Democrats are trying to steal elections with fraudulent "new" votes introduced during recounts
The FBI is investigating voter fraud in Georgia. But it isn't just in Georgia. The Democrats are still trying to steal Senate elections by the method of fraudulent ballot recounts in Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida, in regard to the Senate race between Rick Scott (R) and Bill Nelson (D).

In the original vote count, Rick Scott won by a small but comfortable margin. Nelson hired a lawyer friendly to Democrats to sue for a recount of the votes. During the recount, suspicious new votes have been appearing every few hours, always in favor of the Democrats, which have been whittling away at Scott's lead.

Obviously, if these newly discovered votes were honest ones, about as many of them would be for the Republican candidate as for the Democratic candidate. That's the clue that tells us that the recount is dishonest.

The black woman who is in charge of the vote recount, Brenda Snipes, has been dubbed "Sneaky Snipes" by the alternative media.

I've heard that this same thing is happening in Arizona. The Democrats are trying to cheat themselves a victory by introducing fraudulent new votes during a vote recount.

Someone just now contacted me to say that it's going on in Illinois, also. Edit: Whup, also in Iowa.

Part 2. Voting patterns of the races in America, 1990-2018.

The Black vote in the United States always heavily favors Democrats, with the margin never having been less than 78% D to 22% R — and that was in 1990. In the average election, blacks vote 90% D to 10% R. Why? Gibs-me-dat. During the 2016 elections blacks went 88% D to 12% R. And in the 2018 midterm elections, blacks went 91% D to 9% R.

The Latino vote in the United States always favors Democrats, with the margin having been in the range of 57%-74% Democrat. In the average election, about two-thirds of the Latino votes go to the Democrats. Why? "Weer going to take over your land, gringo, and then we will keek you out." During the 2016 elections, the Latinos went 67% D to 33% R. And in the 2018 midterm elections, Latinos went 70% D to 30% R.

Of all the races, the Asian vote has been the most erratic and unpredictable. Although they usually vote Democratic, sometimes strongly so, Asians do occasionally produce a Republican net vote. Their range between 1990 and 2018 has been 43%-77% Democrat. In the average election, the Asian vote goes about 60% D to 40% R. Why? Who knows. Asians are, after all, inscrutable. During the 2016 elections, the Asians went 66% D to 34%R. And in the 2018 midterm elections, Asians went 77% D to 23% R.

Of all the races, the white vote has been the most racially disloyal. Although whites almost always have a net Republican vote, it is a weak net Republican vote. The whites range between 50%-62% Republican. In the average election, the white vote goes about 43% D to 57% R. Why? Whites have been conditioned to think of themselves as sort of a neutral gear in the transmission of the national vehicle. That is, whites don't understand that they are a race in competition with other races, and that by voting as they do they are giving away, first, their treasure, and then their freedom, to their enemies. American whites haven't yet had experience with the disaster that comes with loss of political dominance, and they aren't the kind of people who learn from the mistakes of others, such as the whites of South Africa. Not in sufficient numbers, anyway. During the 2016 elections, the whites went 38% D to 62% R. During the 2018 midterm elections, a lot of whites were complacent enough to abstain from voting, and this allowed the Democrats to take control of the House of Representatives, and, among the whites who did vote, they went 45% D to 55% R.